Accessibility Policy

Guelph Toyota Policy Regarding Persons with Disabilities

Employees of the dealership will strive to uphold the ultimate customer experience by adhering to the following policies regarding persons with disabilities, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Not touching any accessibility devices (such as wheelchairs or canes) without permission, and in so doing employees will not leave the customer in a position which may be dangerous or undignified
  • Offering to read, explain or display any materials to the customer in a way which adheres to their specific disability as necessary
  • Accepting all support workers and service animals through the dealership, while remaining focused on communicating solely with the customer. Service animals are not to be touched or addressed without direct permission
  • Remaining calm and patient while communicating with a person with a disability, never rushing or interrupting. For those with visual or hearing loss, always attempt to gain their attention before speaking
  • Providing assistance to the customer in moving through the dealership and letting them know of any accessibility features suitable to their needs
  • Offering other assistance as requested by the customer, or as a situation deems necessary

Should there be a temporary disruption of service for any accessible item, notice will be given as soon as possible, along with an estimated return of service and reason, where possible, as well as notification of any alternate services available during the disruption.

Employees must always provide any measures necessary to accommodate any persons with disabilities by adhering to the customers’ desired or necessary means of communication and mobility within the dealership.

All employees hired prior to December 31, 2011 will have a signed copy of acknowledgement of this policy put into their employee files; all new employees will demonstrate their comprehension of this policy as a condition of employment in the employee handbook. Should you require this information in a different format please call us at 519 837 3340 or visit